The E in ERP

We've seen many examples where the "Enterprize" buzzword leaves a negative impact on software packages. It would mean over-complicated or over-priced just to match "Enterprize" habits.

Our mission is to inverse this.

For us, Enterprize sets a high standard we accept as our strategic goal. An ERP must be compliant with "Enterprize" requirements, in terms of stability,functionality and security, above all.

Stability comes when code is thoroughly reviewed, tested and time-proven.

It also comes if we humbly acknowledge all bugs, instead of trying to hide them under the carpet. Instead, multiple layers of redundancy, checks and debug hooks are deployed, in anticipation of any code errors.

Functionality means that we cannot deny any feature the customer needs. Base framework must be modular and flexible enough to accomodate any real-life scenarios. High-layer applications shall offer good configuration options, as well as industry-proven workflows, based on feedback from the field.

Security needs well-engineered principles, applied to all the code base. An enterprize mandates that our software fits a detailed specification, which we proudly embrace.

All of the above, certainly, bring us software *Quality*. A long-term plan, a stable course.

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