There are 3 ways to download F3-ERP. They are all similar, in that you are effectively installing the source code in your server.

Distribution packages

Since the OpenERP days, we have had build instructions for major distributions, in RPM and DEB formats. The process is streamlined so that you can even build your own "flavour" of the packages from your custom code.
  • RPM packages (for RedHat, Mageia, Mandriva)
  • DEB packages
    Mint (some months old!)

Source Tarballs

At regular intervals, "snapshot" versions of the code are released in ".tar.gz" format, easy to extract and place at any platform that can technically run this code (any OS with Python and Postgres libraries, more or less).

Git history

If you are interested in developing OpenERP-F3, you can also get the complete code history, in Git.
Cloning the git repositories, especially the addons one, may take some time, since they are a few GBytes large. Please read about "shallow clones" in case you only want a few branches or just a short history of the last commits.
GitHub "boot" repo
Note also that due to some bad commits, early in the Bzr->git history, GitHub is unable to receive the "addons" sub-repository. :(

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